An energizing, dynamic flow. This class will start off with focus on the breath and will then slowly begin to warm up the body to prepare for a fun, free flowing sequence of postures. We will experiment with strength, balance and flexibility, and a focus on alignment to bring increased levels of awareness in your mind and body.  Great for all levels.


Just like our Yoga Love vinyasa classes, our Strong flow will begin with focus on the breath and warming up the body. Building on our YOGA LOVE classes, we will then move through a connected series of asana with focus on a specific part of the body, or with a peak posture in mind. This dynamic practice will challenge your limits, and help set new goals! Great for all levels.


This class is specially designed to rejuvenate and heal. Through yoga sequences that activate specific energy lines in the body, this class seeks to unwind hardened myofascial tissue so that energy, or chi, can better flow through the bodily systems. Straps, blankets, blocks, and tennis balls as well as meditation are utilized in each posture to encourage physical release, making this class great after a long day or for anyone working with injuries or ailments.